Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend Rambles

Luther did such a grand job of blogging the Seven Stories Centre and the Newcastle walking tour that I will only add a couple of things. I am including a group photo that we took on Friday evening in the garden of our friends, Glynn and Sue Payne.  (If we look a little goofy, it's because we were all laughing so hard over the self timer antics.) Glynn and Sue hosted us for a fine dinner which was topped off with four different desserts: English Trifle, Normandy Apple Pie, Meringues with Cream Filling, and Summer Pudding. After the cafeteria fare served in the Dining Hall, the meal was a real treat. We also toasted Jessica's birthday and gave her a surprise (not!) card signed by all. 

When the rest of the group boarded the bus to return to Alnwick, Merton and I stayed behind with the Paynes. Saturday, we did some research for future programs. We explored young adult author Robert Westall, via the 2.5 mile Westall Walk. We started in North Shields at Westall’s birthplace at 7 Vicarage Street and proceeded through a series of 8 stops that featured buildings and landscapes in Westall’s books, including the Fish Quay and the graveyard at Tynemouth Priory. The 2.5 mile tour involved lots of photography, two stops for refreshments, and so much conversation that it took us about 5 hours to complete!

Today, we returned to Tynemouth to the Market which takes place in the Victorian Tynemouth metro station. Stalls and stalls of old books, old and new jewelry, dishes, crafts, food and much more. I saw the most beautiful cupcakes at Elizabeth and Oliver’s Fine Foods-they have even shipped cupcakes to Texas for a wedding! Glynn and Merton tried the cupcakes, and Sue and I bought a Chocolate Fudge Cake with decadent icing studded with chocolate chips and white chocolate which we enjoyed with coffee late this afternoon. Feast  your eyes on Elizabeth and Oliver's website.

Glynn and Sue delivered us to the Castle tonight, so it's back to reality after two days of being chauffered and catered to by our dear friends!

Tomorrow, it is off to the Lake District and more adventures as we enter the last week of our program.

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  1. Are you visiting Beatrix Potter's house today (Wednesday)? If so, great planning on the part of M&M--it's her birthday!!!! Hope everyone is enjoying the experience!