Saturday, July 31, 2010

Back in the USA!

After a thirty hour day (!) most of us are back home this morning.  Five of the group remained behind for further travels while the rest of us rolled out at 3:30 am Alnwick time Friday morning to board the coach for the Newcastle airport.   No pictures of that pretty scene!!

 Most of us were operating on two or three hours of sleep because of the program banquet on Thursday night. We gathered at Lilburn's downtown for a delicious send off meal.  Guests joining us included Phillip Deakin and Glynn and Sue Payne.  Good conversation and flavorful food abounded.

 The evening was concluded with a Reader's Theatre performance of "The Library."  Who knew that we had such hidden talents in our group.

All did not go well at Newcastle.  For unknown reasons, the desk attendants had trouble accessing our reservations, which resulted in excruciatingly slow processing.  We started in an already long line, and by the time that the last person was processed, there was less than 15 minutes until the plane departed.  Emilie made it to her FIRST CLASS seat (there are some perks to being subjected to stressful long waits) but she begged the flight attendants to not shut the door because her professor was behind her, and he needed to be on board!  He made it just, gray, shaking and perspiring profusely.  In addition to the desk delay, security made him unpack his carry on three times--those multivitamins are dangerous contraband apparently.

After a five hour wait in Amsterdam, we boarded the plane and took off on time,  Although our flight was 9 hours long, it was very smooth and blessedly uneventful.  Customs was a breeze, all luggage was claimed,  and everyone is now resting up!

We look forward to our last class gathering on Saturday, August 14, when we share the final portfolio projects and enjoy a last group meal at our home in St. Cloud.


  1. Yah for Emilie!!!! Sorry you all had a hard time in Newcastle. Jess and I made it to London and have been having a blast seeing the sites and travelling the Tube (Janelle I found your shirt). Well, I should say I am having a blast as Jess has become ill and is enjoying the marvelously comfy beds in our hotel while I see the sites.

  2. What a bummer to be ill in London. Hope that Jess is able to attend the theatre production that you have booked.

    Safe journey as you return to the States on Tuesday. Very hot and humid here. I am missing the cool and cloudy weather that we had in Northumberland,.